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homemade products ER



Steinpilze getrocknet

Holunderblüten Sirup

Eierschwammerl eingelegt

Minze getrocknet

Frisch & Fruchtig Tee

Maiwipfl Hounig

Ribisl Marmelade

Zwetschga Marmelade

Blaue Mischa

Erdbeer Marmelade

Marille Marmelade

Granta Marmelade




Homemade Products - ER


Many high quality products, which are used daily at the Tenne,

can be purchased directly on site at the

Hotel Restaurant Tenne.

Take your holiday memories back home.

Vinegar varieties, jam, liqueur, tea, herb salt and more...


Alpenkönigin &

Blaue Mischa



Hardly earned.

After an active day you deserved a glass of “Blaue Mischa”

(blueberry liqueur)

If you would like to have a light one, you should try “Mimmerl Spritz”.

It’s an excellent refreshment on hot summer days.

Try it!


easy and good

our soups, dumplings and other dishes are super easy to heat and taste "guat" (delicious)

Take our food home, so that you do not have to cook after a long journey. Heat up and enjoy.

Soups, dumplings, salad dressing, ragout, deer sausage, spätzle and much more!

local homemade jams

whether from the woods or from our garden. Our jams are homemade and without additives.

Try our jams at breakfast in our hotel.

as a gift!

Whether birthday, Christmas or just like that!

our products are a great gift idea. Why always give useless gifts when there is so much good? ​

Contact us, we will be happy to creat
a gift basket for you.

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