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Here & now

Get out of your busy world and dive into nature.

Leave your smartphone and tablet behind and get to know the nature without mobile devices.

You will get to know the new kind of freedom and independence.

Do what you like and don’t rush for likes on Facebook and Instagram.

Get to know every single moment intensive with your senses.


Digital Detox – detox your body and mind from digital madness!

>> Every journy has an end. In the end you always have the unforgettable memories <<



So close to heaven

On 1306 m above sea level, it is easy to breathe and the soothing rippling of the “Schönbach” stream leads to a healthy and restful sleep.

After a good breakfast, we start with a walk in the beautiful mountains or to the summit victory.

In summer by foot and in winter with ski. The world is open to you, let’s do it - but you don't have to!

Collect new impressions and return to the origin,

“offline” -  without smartphone and other mobile devices.


Arrive and let your mind wander.

Find relaxation in our small, cosy wellness area.

Loosen your body and mind and find a

balanced of well-being.

Let the day pass by.

Even a good book refreshes your mind

and distance from everyday problems.

Close your eyes and listen to the calming and quiet ripple of the clear cold water of our ” Schönbachbadl” which is available for a “Kneipp” treatment after a sauna session.


water, the source of life


The Hotel Restaurant Tenne is located next to the “Schönbach”  stream.

Due to this location, the element of water is in focus for us.

Get out of everyday life and enjoy your holiday in a different way.

Experience a stay full of new impressions – learn to find yourself again and enjoy the moments of happiness

with is in the Hotel Restaurant Tenne.

We invite you to rest, disconnect from your devices and reconnect with yourself.

Let’s slow down your mind.

A family run Hotel & Restaurant with the focus on small, fine, familiar and sustainable business in connection with water. Our guests will feel cared for and enjoy the present moment.

Reducing and preventing the stress of everyday life.

Fuel up instead of burning out!

Feel good character with natural charm and cordiality.

Connect with yourself and nature and rediscover simplicity and consciously perceive the really important things in life.


Back to the roots.

Active and relaxing holidays in the mountains, without digital devices, without hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s only you and nature in harmony.



Water, the origin of life

Enjoyment of fresh spring water

Water is the motor of our metabolism

Ripple of water is relaxing and relieves stress

Water has healing effects on body and mind

Water as fitness equipment – “Kneipp” treatments

Moon phase in relation to water

Conscious perception of water

Living with and next to water

Sustainability with hydropower – green energy production










Freiheit & Erholung

Vegi from our garden

Vegi from our garden

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