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relax & recover

Do nothing, relax.

Disconnect from daily life and drift into your day dreams.

Activate your senses and learn to capture and enjoy the small moments of happiness again.

You will be surprised at what your body and mind are able to, if you listen to yourself.

[saturdays closed]



After an active day, the cosy sauna, whether high or low-temperature sauna (bio sauna)

invites you to relax and purify.



A unique combination of low temperature infrared technology and lava sand guarantees healthy heat without stressing the cardiovascular system.


Schoenbach Badl

The water temperature of our cold water basin is 6-9°C. It’s for “Kneipp” treatment of your arms and legs.

Taste our spring water from our water fountain - it’s so good and refreshing.

Pure nature



Relaxation in a different way.


Consciously us your senses.

Lying on the meadow, looking at the clouds passing by and guessing some cloud pictures.

Inhale the scent of wild herbs and listen to the humming of bees and feel the light summer breeze on your skin.

Listen to the soft ripple of the “Schönbach” stream and the cheerful chirping of the birds.

Watch the dragonflies fighting over the mountain lake and hang on day dreams.

“Mountain Forest Bathing” – find the balance and feel the new gained energy.

The magic of the forest will touch body and mind.

Be gratitude.

Fall into a restful sleep and start with new energy into another beautiful day of your holiday.

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